Tips to sell before your home. “Home staging”.

Now is a good time to sell or rent your home. There are studies that say that spring and the beginning of summer are optimal times to sell a home and get the best prices. The most relevant reasons on which these studies are based is that at this time of the year people have more time to make visits and the good weather accompanies.
To make your home attractive, get the most out of it, Keeping a price in line with the market and selling it in a short period of time, there are simple tips that we explain below:
Order and clear stays. Cleaning, order, a subtle but perceptible air freshener, remove the furniture that overloads the spaces.
Fix the small flaws, like a stain on the wall, a door that does not close well…
Depersonalise the house. The more minimalist the decor,The more likely the buyer will be identified with it.
Lighting. Paint in white or with shades that give more illumination. Take advantage of daylight to make the visits and take advantage of the natural light that comes in to open windows. If we do not have much light, study where and how we can enhance the less luminous stays

They are quick solutions, without undertaking an expensive reform, washing the face of your property applying the home staging, is an investment that will enhance the value of the house and boost the sale.

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